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Fixed Line Frequency X-Ray Machine – 800mA


Main Features

• Digital Display for mAs. KVp. Technic, X-RayON & Overload Protection.

• Independent kVp, mA, mAs techniques for better radiographic results .

• Microprocessor based system for accurate time selection for exposure.

• Automatic Overload protection with visual & audible indication for longer life of the Tube.

• Soft Touch keys for ON/OFF, mAs selection, selection, Bucky selection, Radiography/Fluoroscopy selection & Exposure.

• High..O.K.. Low displays indicate whether line volatge compensation is to be increased or decreased.

• Fluoro timer with audible and visual indication after regular interval.

•Line voltage compensation from 150 V to 270 V. Automatic cutoff for High Input Voltage.

• Single Step kVp selection. Dual step mAs selection.

• Illuminated Front Panel for easy selection even in dim light rooms.







Equipment 800mA Fixed X-Ray Machine
Model AE 800
Ratings AE 800
Output 800Ma/125kVp
mA Stations 6 Stations
mAs Microprocessor Controlled
Tube Rotating Anode Tube
Stand Counter Balanced Floor to Ceiling
Compatible Table Horizontal Bucky Table / Floating Top Table / 5 Position Table / Semi Motorized Table / Motorized Table
Optional Under Couch Tube / SFD / Image Intensifier