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High Frequency C Arm


Main Features

• Computerized Workstation

• More than 10000 Images storage facility

• Cordless Remote for Image Processing Functions

• Medical Grade LED Monitors

• Live, LIH, Rotation, Flip, Mirror, Negative, Image Measurement

• Zoom, CD/DVD/Pen Drive storage, Printing etc.

• Accurate Vertical Movement through Silent Actuator

• Soft Horizontal Movement through Sliders

• Cable Guard on Wheels

• Cassette Holder

• Digital Display for mAs , kVp ,Technic, X-Ray ON & Overload Protection.

• Independent kVp , mA , mAs Techniques for better radiographic and fluoroscopic results .

• Microprocessor based system for accurate time selection for exposure with ADC Mode.

• Automatic Overload protection with visual & audible indication for longer life of the Tube.

• Single step kVp selection. Single step mAs selection.

• Soft Touch keys for mAs selection , mA selection , Radiography/ Fluoroscopy selection & exposure .

• Temperature controlled Tube Protection for longer life of the Tube with Digital Display of Temperature.

• Software Controlled Collimation without Radiation (Off Line).

Equipment High Frequency C Arm (SA) High Frequency C arm (RA)
Model AE 60 HFS AE HF - 9060
Ratings 0-3mA / 50mA 0-5mA Continuous / 5-6mA Pulsed
Output 2.5 KW 3.5KW – 6KW
Frequency 40Khz / 50Khz 40Khz / 50Khz
mAs Microprocessor Controlled Microprocessor Controlled
Tube Stationary Anode Stationary Anode/Rotating Anode
Power requirement Single Phase 220 V, 15 Amp Single Phase 220V, 15 Amp