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Welcome to Adonis

ADONIS Competence in radiology field has grown smoothly and swiftly. Today the company makes a broad array of Line Frequency and High Frequency X-Ray Systems from Portable to High Powered fixed machines. Each Equipment at ADONIS is carefully designed to assure the utmost accuracy and reliability. ADONIS X-Ray has been designed keeping in mind PRECISION, the prime factor for accurate X-Ray dosage, nil stray radiation & TRUE Image quality. That's not just the only aspect!! Adonis X-Ray offers many performance advances in Technology, Reliability & User friendliness so as to offer best value for your money. Our X-Ray System reflects ADONIS commitment to excellent in clinical performance & economic value.

High Frequency C-ARM

ADONIS CARMS for orthopedics and surgical purposes.

 Electrical features:

Multi function digital display with soft touch key control. Modes – Radiography, Fluoroscopy. Manual single step KVp, mA and...

Quality Assurance

 Adonis stands committed to providing you with the best of everything – Technology, Application, Support, and Service Backup!!

Unbeatable, trouble free performance and the best value for your money for years to...

HF Mobile

 Easy to maneuver and easy to handle High Frequency X-ray system on wheels.

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