Excellence In Technology Dedication in Service

About Us

Adonis Medical Systems is a professionally managed private limited company located in Mohali, India. Since it's incorporation in 1998, ADONIS has strived to give quality medical imaging solutions to the medical fraternity at affordable costs. Line frequency X-rays, High frequency X-rays and Surgical C-ARMs are some of our latest product ranges.We pride ourselves in bringing latest image processing techniques to use for in critical medical streams along with our ergonomically designed machines. At ADONIS we believe in safety of our customers, their patients and also the people who help us make these products. Our efforts,machines and processes have been recognized and been certified by AERB,BIS,ISO etc. Our motto, "Excellence in technology,Dedication in service" does not stand complete without the relentless efforts of our wide network of highly motivated service personnel and round the clock prompt support staff.

We believe in helping and providing our radiology products not only in India but worldwide. Our motivation comes from providing the medical practitioners with the tools and technologies to diagnose/treat their patients effectively, easily and effortlessly. We do not count our market share by the valuation of our sales but by the trust,happiness and well-being of our customers and their patients. We are proud to hold strong and grow this market share of trust and happiness every year for more than 20 years now.

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