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1. X-Ray Technologist Qualification?

10+2 or Equivlalent examination passed with science subjects from a recognised board.
Radiographer’s/X-Ray technologist’s course of minimum one year duration
(including in-field training in diagnostic radiology) passed from a recognized institution.


2. Workers: How much X-Ray Dose is acceptable?

The cumulative effective dose over a block of five years shall not exceed 100mSv.
The Effective dose in any calender years during a five-year block shall not exceed 30 mSv.


3. Are X-Ray Bad for you?

But, Xray can also be harmful. In the early days of X-ray science, a lot of doctors would expose patients and themselves to the beams for long periods of time. Eventaully, doctors and patients started developing radiation sickness, and the medical community knew something was wrong.

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