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Digital radiography (DR)

Get smart with high definition imaging using flat panel ADONIS digital radiography solutions.






ADONIS High Frequency X-Ray Machines are powered to meet all Radiological needs at an affordable price. APR based High Frequency makes System precise and complete.

  • Compact, Light Weight, Easily Transportable and Best Suited for Bed Side X-Ray.
  • Actuator Based Motorized vertical movement for easy mobility in all directions with effective braking.
  • Soft Touch Key Pad with Auto Programmable Features with option to Reprogram the settings.
  • Microprocessor Based System with Digital Display of Applied Factors on LCD.
  • Detachable Exposure Release Switch.
  • LCD Touch Control
  • 14” x 17” portable Wi-Fi FPD
  • Dual Battery: Hot Swap – 60s, Image Never Loss, Always Watching.
  • TRANSFER IN A FLASH: With specialized antenna design, our product can achieve fast transfer and receive strong signal at anytime and anywhere. Full image can be received within 2 seconds, achieving one of the fastest in the world.
  • ACCESS POINT MODE: Equipped with access point function, our product can connect to computer without extra wireless configuration setting it undoubtedly brings a user-friendly interface to improving work efficiency.
  • FEATHERWEIGHT DESIGN: In order to enhance the mobility, the Panel weight only 2.7kg Including battery, making it effortless to carry around.
  • EASY CLEANING: The detector is IPX6-rated for water resistant, allowing user to clean it easily.
  • Protection Mechanism: G sensor - Automatically detect falling or impact, and activate the protection mechanism, even when it is turned off. Temperature sensor - The SW could set the limit temperature, if the temperature reaches 50 degrees, the DR will automatically shut down




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